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Photography: Our History Exposed

Kodak Cameras ca. 1910s - 1920s

Introduced in Paris in 1839, photography changed the world forever:  Within a few years portraits were affordable for almost everyone and you could travel the world and never leave your parlor.
The History Center’s new exhibit “Photography:  Our History Exposed” reflects over 100 years of photography in Clinton County.  The exhibit includes Daguerreotypes from the 1840s, ‘tintypes’ of the Civil War era, and a stereoscope and ‘views’ of the Victorian era.  Also on display are cameras from the 1880s thru the 1980s and photographic and darkroom equipment from the studio of Clinton County photographer Clarke Nagley (1887 – 1972).

Photography: Our History Exposed will run through December, 2014

For more information, view a pdf of the exhibit brochure.


CABINETS OF CURIOSITIES: The Weird and the Wonderful

Cabinets of Curiosities

This exhibit features oddities collected over the last fifty plus years, some weird and some wonderful.  Among the seventy-five items on display are jewelry and wreaths made of human hair, a doll inspired by the 1918 flu pandemic, items from Burch Arthur’s funeral home, and many artifacts that were once used in daily life but whose function now eludes us. Now through December, 2014.



Clinton County has a rich history in the creation of unique textiles. On exhibit are the vintage textile tools including a loom, spinning wheels, early sewing machines.


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